Guiding principles of the REANNZ network

The REANNZ network is uniquely engineered to achieve the levels of quality and performance required by the New Zealand research and science community. The development of the network is driven by the following key guiding principles:

Consistency of the Experience

The REANNZ network is designed to deliver predictable, low risk and high quality outcomes to researchers and scientists, every time they use it.

  • Designed for burst - REANNZ maintains a spare headroom of bandwidth to support high-volume data transfer on demand, to ensure consistent performance regardless of the time of day or current demands on the network. This also ensures the network can continue operating at full capacity even during a failure by routing traffic through alternate paths.

  • Zero-loss network - REANNZ achieves a zero-loss network by maintaining spare capacity to avoid congestion.

  • International relationships - we talk directly with colleagues in other NRENs to resolve any issues.

Transparency of the Network

REANNZ offers members deep transparency and visibility into our services and architecture:

  • REANNZ weathermap – provides visibility across the network to check the real-time operation of the network and traffic flows to see how it is performing.

  • Design for measurement -  we measure metrics at 1 minute resolution to give highly detailed data. We co-locate active network equipment at every REANNZ PoP to provide end-to-end visibility, and use perfSONAR to test and benchmark the network.

Focused on our community

  • Our mandate is to provide a network to support and serve the needs of New Zealand’s research, education and innovation community.

  • We provide tailored solutions specifically designed for and aligned with this community.


  • Assess future options - to ensure we are ready to provide the tools researchers will need

  • Participate in the development of next generation technology through the NREN community

  • Can easily and rapidly support novel technology – we have been working with Faucet SDN to explore the operational aspects of SDN solutions.

  • Prefer open standards than proprietary systems.

  • Retire rather than grandparent legacy systems.

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