Tuakiri Service Catalogue

Tuakiri provides trusted and secure federated identity and access management.

Service Name Service Description Organisation
 *Unity *Unity is a next generation platform for academic collaboration.  Research
Atlases - Pathology images  Collection of high resolution microscopic and clinical images of diseases at high resolution. Masaryk University - Institute of Computer Science. 
AUT Scholarly Commons  Auckland University of Technology Scholarly Commons is the central archive and repository for the long term preservation of AUT University research and scholarly output. The repository contains the research outputs, such as journal articles and conference papers, of AUT University's staff as well as doctoral and masters theses and dissertations deposited with AUT University Library since 2002. AUT University 
Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press / Cambridge Core is the home of academic content from Cambridge University. Cambridge University Press
CAUDIT Profile and Benchmarking System CAUDIT offers its members the opportunity to participate in its Benchmarking Service. Participating institutions contribute IT Benchmarking and Profile Data collected and held by CAUDIT. Participants have access to the data from the Benchmarking Service to make comparisons between the member's university and other universities or groups of universities for purposes of the member's planning and budgeting processes. Access to the service requires authorisation from your institution's CAUDIT representative and adherence to the service's Appropriate Use Policy.  University of South Australia
Christchurch Medical Students' Association Christchurch Medical Students' Association  University of Otago
Clarivate Analytics Clarivate Analytics  Clarivate Analytics
 ClickView ClickView lets you store, manage and deliver videos throughout your faculty while allowing lecturers and students to watch these videos outside the classroom at their own pace. We curate the best educational videos from renowned content providers from all over the world and with the recent acquisition of VEA’s production department, we are now creating the curriculum-relevant content that your school needs to support lecturers and engage students. With ClickView, staff and students can also access, edit and store TV programs recorded from 18 free-to-air digital channels and share them within your faculty.  ClickView New Zealand 
 CloudStor CloudStor is a web based large file transfer service to improve collaboration and information-sharing opportunities for high education sector. CloudStor allows the secure electronic transfer of virtually any file type regardless of size. File transfers of up to 1 terabyte have already been proven on CloudStor and trials are currently underway for the transfer of larger files. AARNet 
Coherent Digital At Coherent Digital, we tame wild content - so researchers can do their work, educators can teach, scholars can publish, and organisations can disseminate their knowledge to a global audience. Through Coherent, information is saved, uniquely tagged, and made discoverable.

Our products defy simple categorisation. They're part discovery services, traditional aggregation, curation service, repository, social network, publication, hosting service, reference manager, preservation service and analytics tool, all tied together coherently.
Coherent Digital
Cyclone Computers  Cyclone Computers online ordering system. Cyclone Computers
 eduroam  eduroam REANNZ 
 Elsevier Access Elsevier products using your institutional credentials  Elsevier
 eSpaces eSpaces is a free web-based collaboration platform for researchers and groups. Start sharing files and collaborating with colleagues across institutions quickly and securely. Configure your eSpace as you'd like it: choose a theme, make it public or private, and make it yours. James Cook University 
eTV Trust eTV is a powerful online teaching and learning tool. It provides resources through recorded and live channels streamed and downloaded from over thirty domestic and international television channels, Live Special Events, a growing on-demand video Library and an online Shop. Educational establishments throughout New Zealand can access this online service and select relevant content and related resources from television programmes and Library videos covering all subject areas. Developed in New Zealand, eTV is operated by the not-for-profit Education Television and Video Communications Trust. eTV has been granted “Education Resource Supplier” status by the Minister of Education. eTV Trust
Ex Libris - Hosted Primo - University of Otago Ex Libris - Hosted Primo - University of Otago Ex Libris (Australia) Pty Ltd
figshare figshare is a repository where users can make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner. figshare allows users to upload any file format to be made visualisable in the browser so that figures, datasets, media, papers, posters, presentations and filesets can be disseminated. figshare allows Institutions to manage how content is shared internally and publicly and can be integrated into Institutions current CRIS, RIMS and archiving solutions. figshare
Grok Learning Grok Learning provides a platform and courses for learning to program in various programming languages. Grok Learning
GÉANT Service Provider Proxy The GÉANT Service Provider Proxy is the gateway to all federated services of GÉANT. GÉANT
Interloans Service OCLC Australia and New Zealand OCLC Australia and New Zealand VDX hosted service. OCLC Australia and New Zealand
IOP Publishing IOP Publishing’s portfolio includes more than 85 journals, around half of which are published jointly with or on behalf of partner societies and research organisations. Our publishing portfolio reflects the growth of scientific research and application in core scientific fields, while recognising the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of scientific

The IOP ebooks™ collection brings together innovative digital publishing with leading authors from across the physical sciences. Our mission is to provide a compelling platform for our authors’ work, to make their voices heard and to advance knowledge and learning. As a society publisher we are able to provide a high-quality, personal
service to authors, and deliver impact and visibility in the global scientific community.
IOP Publishing
 Learn University of Canterbury Learning Management System University of Canterbury
lynda.com lynda.com is an online video library with thousands of courses, taught by recognized experts who are passionate, effective teachers. Learn new skills, find answers, and explore hobbies in 3D, design, video, audio, business, development, photography, and more. lynda.com
Mediastore Media file downloads, recorded lectures, etc The University of Auckland
Nature Research Nature Research serves the research community by
publishing its most significant discoveries.
Springer Nature Professional Platforms
NeSI admin portal Administrator web application for NeSI projects. New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI)
NeSI and collaborator project database Frontend to the REST Interface of the Project Database New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI)
 NeSI Zendesk  NeSI Zendesk New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI)
New Zealand Dental Students' Association New Zealand Dental Students' Association  University of Otago
OnTheHub OnTheHub provides students, faculty and staff with discounted and free academic software to help remove the barriers between people and education. Kivuto Solutions Inc.
Orcid Hub Production SP This is a production SP for ORCID HUB for the integration with Tuakiri. ORCID Hub will basically relieve individual research organisations from the burden of establishing their own integration with ORCID. Royal Society Te Apārangi
Otago University Medical Students Association Otago University Medical Students Association University of Otago
REANNZ Member Portal REANNZ Member Portal REANNZ
Research Professional (live) Research Professional is our intuitive platform for online access to all our news and funding services. It provides access to your entire organisation through a convenient site licence. So you can subscribe to any of our services and you and all your colleagues will be able to access the services through Research Professional. It also provides sophisticated tools to help researchers and managers within an organisation work together more effectively. And increasingly it integrates with internal systems such as Current Research Information Systems to give users a seamless experience. Research
Royal Society of Chemistry Publications Online Royal Society of Chemistry Journals (1841 – to date), eBooks (1968 – to date) and Database content delivered via the RSC publishing platform. Please contact ejournals@rsc.org to enable shibboleth access to your subscription. Royal Society of Chemistry
Shibboleth Federated Issue Tracking A shared issue tracking service for the Shibboleth Consortium with automatic registration for users who can supply a supported identifier, such as eduPersonPrincipalName or eduPersonTargetedID. Shibboleth Consortium
Shibboleth Federated Wiki A shared Wiki service for the Shibboleth Consortium with automatic registration for users who can supply a supported identifier, such as eduPersonPrincipalName or eduPersonTargetedID. Shibboleth Consortium
Springer The world's most comprehensive online collection of
scientific, technological and medical journals.
Springer Nature Professional Platforms
Student Beans Student Beans online service. Student Beans
Talis Education - Service Provider Service Provider for all Talis Education Ltd Software as a Service products. Talis Education Ltd
Tuakiri Attribute Validator Attribute Validator for the Tuakiri federation Tuakiri New Zealand Access Federation
Tuakiri Confluence Tuakiri Confluence wiki contains information on the New Zealand Access federation, installation guidelines and more. Tuakiri New Zealand Access Federation
Tuakiri Federation Registry Federation Registry for the Tuakiri New Zealand Access Federation Tuakiri New Zealand Access Federation
Tuakiri Rapid Connect RapidConnect is a service for simple integration of other services into Tuakiri. Instead of installing Shibboleth SP and registering the service into Tuakiri, the service gets only registered with RapidConnect and uses Json Web Token (JWT) as the authentication mechanism. Tuakiri New Zealand Access Federation 
Tuakiri Virtual Home  Provides the Virtual Home Organisation services for the Tuakiri Federation. Tuakiri Virtual Home
UC Wiki Confluence Wiki - Production Instance, University of Canterbury University of Canterbury
UC Wiki - UAT  User Acceptance Testing for Confluence Wiki at UC University of Canterbury
 UNiDAYS UNiDAYS is the world’s leading Student Affinity Network, connecting a global student audience with relevant brands and services.  UNiDAYS
University of Auckland Confluence Wiki Wiki service for the University of Auckland  The University of Auckland
University of Otago Commerce Students Association University of Otago Commerce Students Association University of Otago
Wellington Health Professional Students Association  Wellington Health Professional Students Association University of Otago 
 www.bestchoice.net.nz  Interactive tutorials for university and high school  The University of Auckland

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