Tuakiri Hosted IdP

Simplified access to Tuakiri through a scalable solution.

Tuakiri allows an end-user to consume services, access resources, and otherwise collaborate within New Zealand while using their home institution’s identity. However, a barrier to joining Tuakiri for some organisations has been the requirement to run an Identity Provider (IdP) server. Tuakiri Hosted IdP is a scalable solution, that simplifies joining Tuakiri by removing this barrier.

Tuakiri Hosted IdP is the option to have REANNZ host the Tuakiri IdP on behalf of the member. The Hosted IdP instance connects to an Identity Management System run by the member, offering flexibility through multiple options including cloud identity stores like Google Apps/GSuite or Office 365/Azure AD.

How does it work?

Users logging into a Tuakiri service first select their institution from the list of Tuakiri members - institutions using the Tuakiri Hosted IdP, the users would get redirected to their Tuakiri Hosted IdP instance.

The Tuakiri Hosted IdP would in turn redirect the users to their cloud-based Identity Management System to authenticate.

After authenticating, the user would be redirected back to the Tuakiri Hosted IdP, and from there back to the service the user was logging into.

Why Tuakiri Hosted IdP?

This scalable service is designed to make setting up or supporting Tuakiri easier for members, enabling their organisations to access the resources that are available through Tuakiri.

Using the Tuakiri Hosted IdP service also simplifies access to eduGAIN, the global federation of services, research collaborations and tools. The platform meets all the technical requirements, providing easy access to thousands more resources that are designed to support the research and education community.

If you would like to know more about Tuakiri Hosted IdP as a deployment option, get in touch at tuakiri@reannz.co.nz.

Tuakiri – Trust and Identity

Find more detailed technical information on the Tuakiri technical documentation website

For technical support, email tuakiri@reannz.co.nz

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