Professional Services

Working in partnership to support REANNZ members.

REANNZ operates and supports a specialist high-performance network that is engineered to meet the unique demands of scientists, researchers, innovators and educators. Through the large data transfer capabilities of the network and the support of REANNZ engineers and engagement team, New Zealand's research and education community can access the world’s unique science facilities and global collaboration opportunities. 

eResearch infrastructure provides the tools that support multi-institutional research collaboration. REANNZ works closely with community partners and our members to strengthen connections across the sector, at a people level and an infrastructure level. 

Through our Professional Services the team here at REANNZ work to ensure that member's researchers and technology teams are able to leverage the tools and services that they need. Our focus is on supporting the current and future needs of our members through engagement and consultancy, in order to support their objectives and enable access to the expertise shared within the global NREN community.

Our objective is to support our member's goals and needs, working alongside their teams in partnership for the best outcome.

REANNZ engagement team and engineering teams are available to work alongside member's researchers, IT department and management, to assist and give advice on:

  • Architectures and approaches (networking, systems, identity, security) and how it applies to achieving research outcomes,

  • ensuring a design is fit for purpose,

  • bringing the expertise of the global research and education community and applying it locally to New Zealand's context,

  • supporting the onboarding and ongoing use of REANNZ services and the network.

REANNZ Professional Service engagements may require a Terms of Reference depending on the scale of the projects to outline the overall scope, roles and responsibilities, liabilities, ownership and costs.

If you have a project in mind that you would like our assistance with or you have any questions about REANNZ services get in touch with us at

See our Case Studies and latest News and Events for examples of how members use REANNZ tools and services to support their organisations.

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