MAE Lite

Connecting smaller or remote research sites to the REANNZ network.

MAE Lite is a flexible connectivity service. While largely similar to the existing Managed Access and Edge (MAE) offering, MAE Lite does not require dedicated dark fibre which can be difficult and costly to access in remote locations. The service provides more technical capability to support research in the regions and at smaller sites, increasing the reach of the REANNZ network without the need to create additional Points of Presence (PoPs).

By establishing an aggregated style service, members can now connect their smaller or remote research sites to REANNZ’s high speed network, at a significantly lower cost.

MAE Lite enables connectivity and collaboration with a reach that was not previously available, reduces the number of vendors that members need to manage and supports simplified networking.

Key components:

  • Catered towards smaller or remote sites.

  • Uses shared connectivity across the country.

  • Speeds of up to 1 Gbps.


Currently, REANNZ members connect to the network via Dark Fibre which is a dedicated link to the member with no contention on bandwidth. For MAE Lite services, multiple links would be aggregated at the closest Point of Interconnect (POI).

Due to their shared infrastructure nature, aggregation networks often result in no guarantees to the consistency of experience or predictability of performance. Therefore, this service is suitable for small branch sites that have lower network demands, mainly supporting Internet and WAN traffic.

Network design

The MAE Lite product includes:

  • access link to the member site,

  • REANNZ managed CPE,

  • logical Handover on shared infrastructure,

  • the Handover link to the LFC (provider).

Hardware requirements

The provider will install hardware that will have a number of ports, one of which will have the REANNZ MAE Lite service provisioned to it. This will then be connected to the REANNZ CPE onsite to complete the service.

What services are available over MAE Lite?

All of REANNZ core routed services are available over MAE Lite, including but not limited to eduroam, Tuakiri, Internet, and Layer 3 WAN services. Layer 2 services are typically not supported over MAE Lite due to technical constraints (MAC address limits), but if you do need Layer 2 services get in touch with the team at to discuss your specific requirements.

How long will a fault take to restore on MAE Lite?

Providers indicate that a fault would be resolved within 6 hours, however this is not available on a 24/7 basis and will vary depending on the case. For any technical enquiries get in touch with us at


If a member needs direct internet access from an MAE Lite site, there will also need to be a Router/Firewall onsite that REANNZ can set up a vlan to in order to provide these services. REANNZ CPE will not currently do NAT/Firewalling, rather it will act as a bridge for this traffic. The same monitoring and graphing would be available across these services.

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