Enabling simple, secure, single-sign on access to thousands of research and education resources.

Tools like Tuakiri and eduGAIN provide access to resources and services that are essential to the work and study of the hundreds of thousands of researchers, scientists, students and academics that use an NREN. Opting-in to join eduGAIN allows an institution's users to access a number of services on a global scale, including licensed software and journals, research collaborations, databases and instruments.

Some of the services available through eduGAIN include CILogon (which can be used to authenticate to, the data transfer platform), ORCiD, MathWorks, Cloudstor, Springer, Nature Research and a number of other publishers, collaboration platforms and research repositories.
eduGAIN is a global service with more than 70 international federations participating, providing access to over 3,400 service providers and their offerings. eduGAIN provides an effective and flexible way for institutions and their users to interconnect to these infrastructures and resources.

eduGAIN poster - map of the world showing countries in blue where eduGAIN is available with statistics

Technical design information

Find the full break down of technical, design components of the eduGAIN service here.
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There is also more information available on the eduGAIN website.

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