Managed Access and Edge (MAE)

Connecting member’s local network with the REANNZ network.

Key components

Managed Access and Edge (MAE) device deployments can include a number of hardware options that allow a choice of performance requirements and functionality. This includes real-time monitoring and alerting on critical components and direct access to the same 24/7 network operations resources that are used for running the core network.

Current capacity levels available are:

  • 1 Gbps

  • 10 Gbps

  • 20 Gbps

  • 50 Gbps

  • 100 Gbps


Managed Access and Edge connectivity offers the greatest level of flexibility and support for consistency of experience required to support research and data-intensive traffic.

It is widely accepted in the global NREN community that dark fibre access is the preferred access technology that can deliver outcomes such as consistency of experience, transparency of the network and predictability of performance.

That is the basis for REANNZ’s national network and similarly for equivalent research and education networks globally.

Edge devices, including switches and routers, connect a member’s local network with the REANNZ network, enabling members to transfer data. Members use either a REANNZ managed edge device or manage this entry point themselves.

REANNZ managed edge devices are engineered and configured for high performance, and where required high availability, to meet the specialist needs of the research community when transferring large volumes of data.

Capabilities and features

REANNZ engineers draw on their experience with the international NREN community to design, specify, supply, install and operate equipment on the member’s site to meet their needs:

  • A number of hardware options allow for a choice of performance and functionality based on the member’s requirements. This can include hardware redundancy e.g. dual power supplies, or an extensive range of Layer 2 and Layer 3 features.

  • MAE devices can switch and route traffic at line rate and have buffers to deal with traffic volumes and flows.

  • They provide highly-developed performance metrics, including real-time monitoring and alerting.

  • The REANNZ Weathermap is available to view 24/7 allowing members to determine the status of their edge device and provides an overview of the national network and traffic flow.

  • MAE includes devices that may be used as part of a member's Science DMZ infrastructure

  • All managed edge devices are supported by REANNZ engineers. For assistance or if you have any questions contact us at and for urgent network enquires call 0508 466 466.

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