Record breaking month for the REANNZ network

October was a record breaking month as REANNZ hit a new all-time transfer rate record across the core network. Our core network is what you can see here in our Weathermap.

The previous high occurred between July and August 2018 when the rate reached 71.6Gbps[1]. In October, we recorded transit rates of 74.9Gbps. Our network is engineered to meet the unique performance demands of scientists, researchers, innovators and educators. It provides access to and the ability to move and share data-intensive research.
We measure the rate of data coming into and out of the core network, which transports data across town, around the country, and internationally. If the core network was a courier service, this would be similar to recording the number of packages being delivered every minute.

Globally, research is becoming increasingly data intensive. REANNZ ensures that New Zealand can remain at the competitive edge of science and research. This has important implications for New Zealanders with the work being done by our research communities that is leading to innovations in areas such as climate change, healthcare and agriculture.

Weekly rates into and out of the core network (computed over per-minute samples).

[1] Rates reached 71.6Gbps during the bootstrap of a NeSI supercomputer.

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