REANNZ is continuing to support and enable the crucial work that our members are conducting during this challenging time. As REANNZ has been classed as an essential service, we are readily available to support our members and will remain fully operational during the lockdown.

Our business continuity plan and our ability to work in a distributed way has been well tested over recent months, due to changes to our premises in Auckland and our office closure in Wellington. As an organisation we have been able to successfully ensure continued operations, focusing on performance, availability and the associated services of the network as a priority for our members.

We are here to ensure that the 350,000 researchers, academics, educators, innovators, staff and students that have access to the REANNZ network are supported and can continue to contribute to research and education in New Zealand.

Some of those currently utilising the network will be the epidemiologists working on the NZ COVID-19 response, biomedical researchers compiling their latest findings and scientists and lab technicians performing critical testing, as well as those academic faculty, researchers and students continuing their work and studies remotely. Our network and our team will continue to support them.

For the network, any logical issues or changes should proceed as normal. In the event of physical issues with the network, or our equipment, there will inevitably be some delays in service restoration due to the restrictions now in place with a Level 4 alert. We will do the best we can while prioritising the safety and wellbeing of our team and our members. Any changes requiring physical site visits, whether to your site or ours, will likely be delayed for a number of weeks until restrictions are lifted.

We are also connecting within the wider NREN community, as NRENs around the world are pulling together to gather and share useful information and resources, not only to support their national R&E community but to enable research and education users to continue to collaborate globally throughout this pandemic.

We will continue to be of assistance to our community, as we all do our bit to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe and healthy. Stay safe, stay home New Zealand.

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