NZ R&E network celebrates 10 years of innovation

Crown-owned company, REANNZ, provider of the high-performance telecommunications network that serves New Zealand’s research, innovation and education communities, celebrated its 10th Anniversary at an industry function at Victoria University of Wellington on the 11th August.

In attendance were some of New Zealand’s greatest science, research and business minds, including the Honourable Steven Joyce, in his role as Minister of Science and Innovation.

REANNZ CEO, Nicole Ferguson, says that since its launch, the network has become essential for New Zealand’s research and education communities - as a multiplier, enabler and conduit to world class research and discovery.

“At our inception, New Zealand was almost 10 years behind the rest of the world in respect of data capability and research methods. We’ve come a long way to addressing those issues in our first decade, enabling Kiwi researchers to participate in all manner of world-class projects, collaborating at a level that, prior to 2006, would have been inconceivable.

Our members are already taking part in some truly amazing projects. As an example, REANNZ is currently helping to facilitate a ground-breaking collaboration between Unitec Institute of TechnologyNIWA (National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research) and Wuhan University in China, as they work to address issues of pollution in Wuhan City.

The international reach of the REANNZ network is essential for New Zealand researchers to be able to participate in this collaboration and share their wealth of knowledge and expertise across the globe.

We’re in constant dialogue regarding how we can go about improving our operations, to better service our members’ needs - be that through increased bandwidth, bespoke research and education focused solutions or by assisting campuses in the enhancement of their own infrastructure."

For us, the next ten years will be about making sure we’re doing all we can to help our Members realise their full potential.

Nicole Ferguson, CEO REANNZ

Chair of the REANNZ board, Jim Donovan, says, “We’re looking ahead at the next 10 years with confidence in our capability, faith in our relationships and huge aspiration for what we can achieve together with our members."

“We’re excited and optimistic about what the next decade will bring, thanks to the transformative power of our network and the way in which it can effect positive change in the research, education and innovation sectors,” Donovan concludes.

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