International Network Update July 2020

REANNZ engineers have been making progress on the implementation of our international connectivity upgrades, that form our long term approach to ensuring that the REANNZ network is future fit, sustainable and able to support the growing needs of our members.

Members would have seen change notifications coming from our NOC providing updates on the progress of REANNZ’s this project.

REANNZ recently completed commissioning 50Gbps of capacity between Auckland and our new Point of Presence (PoP) in Sydney, supporting the upgrade of our Hawaiki capacity into Sydney now also at 50Gbps. This means REANNZ has fully resilient capacity into Australia, which is a hub of connectivity and content within the Asia Pacific region.

These initial stages are just the beginning, and over the remainder of the year we will be undertaking the following to complete the project. The work program includes:

  • Replacing our transit service with services in Sydney and Seattle allowing for greater control over our routes, and better paths into Asia

  • Upgrading our Hawaiki capacity to the US to 50Gbps

  • Decommissioning our Portland PoP and relocating it to Hawaii

  • Establishing a peering relationship with the University of Hawaii, and gaining connectivity from Hawaii to Guam, and Hawaii to the mainland US

  • Building a new PoP in Guam and connecting it to the new PoP in Hawaii using the University of Hawaii's trans-pacific connectivity

  • Connecting to the GOREX R&E peering exchange in Guam

  • Commissioning 20Gbps of capacity from Sydney to Guam to complete the loop

One key aspect of the purpose of REANNZ is enabling the ability for New Zealand research institutions to utilise and participate in international collaboration. The advantages of this development of the network includes a reduction in operational complexity, flexible peering, services that can be extended further through Asia and the US and the ability to further strengthen these partnerships with the international Research and Education community.



In 2014 REANNZ entered into a long-term lease agreement with Hawaiki for access to primary and backhaul capacity from the optical fibre network. Since 2014, these services have been used extensively across REANNZ membership, and it had become clearer that an increase in capacity and diversity for our international paths was needed.

To meet evolving and increasing member demands we identified that an investment in international connectivity would be required to:

  • replace an interim solution that didn’t provide a full resiliency solution or effective utilisation and management controls,

  • meet growing research needs into the Asian region, and

  • increase our presence and networking capabilities in the international NREN community.

Leveraging the existing long-term contract with Hawaiki, REANNZ was able to design a highly competitive solution which is made possible through Hawaiki’s ability to swap capacity with other sub-sea cable providers. As part of the technical evaluation REANNZ consulted architectural representatives from member organisations, all of whom supported the technical design of the offering.

We will actively keep you informed on the progress of this work plan and welcome any questions or discussion on what this development will mean for your organisation’s experience as a member of REANNZ.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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