NeSI and REANNZ infrastructure: tools and tips for research success


On 15 June REANNZ and NeSI co-hosted a webinar that revealed the ins and outs of the research infrastructure in New Zealand that is designed to help researchers investigate scientific challenges.

Representatives from both institutions explained why these complementary organisations exist and the tools and services that they can provide to researchers. This includes the ability to share massive amounts of data, providing access to the country’s most powerful high-performance computers and specialist technical advice. The webinar covered:

  • What, as a researcher, you need to know about NeSI and REANNZ

  • How you can use NeSI/ REANNZ to boost your research, and

  • How others in the community have tapped into the infrastructure REANNZ and NeSI provide. NIWA researcher Dr Jonny Williams shared how he uses NeSI and REANNZ to push the boundaries of earth systems modelling in New Zealand.

The webinar provided a better understanding of what REANNZ and NeSI are and how to get in touch with the teams if you would like some support to achieve better research outcomes.

If you have any questions about this session or would like to know more about how REANNZ or NeSI can support your research, get in touch with us at or

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