Who uses REANNZ?

  • Data-intensive researchers use REANNZ network to share their work with collaborators around the country and the world, and to access data from international research libraries eg. researchers working in climate change, earthquake research, genomics, and engineering.

  • Researchers and organisations who stream traffic in real time or near to real time. GNS Science uses REANNZ network for their 24/7 national Hazard Monitoring Centre (including GeoNet, Tsunami, volcanoes and landslides), find out more about how REANNZ supports their essential work in this case study - Tracking New Zealand's Movements.

  • NIWA monitors extreme weather events and produces terabytes of climate modelling data for international collaboration projects, read more about this research and REANNZ's role in supporting it here - Climate Modellers transfer 11 terabytes in 24 hours.

  • Radio astronomers can study celestial events as they occur, AUT's radio astronomy telescopes are connected to the REANNZ network to support the use and transfer of data collected from the telescopes - Data mining the sky.

  • Members leverage off REANNZ network to connect with the cloud service provider of their choice including AWS, MS Azure, Google.

  • International researchers can access New Zealand’s world-leading research across all fields including on Antarctica, unique species, geological, earthquake and natural event research, engineering and Māori and Pasifika research.

How does it work?

  • Members have direct access to our team of highly-skilled engineers to discuss any issues and develop solutions that help to resolve networking and technical issues.

  • They help members ensure their network meets the current and growing requirements of their researchers and the organisation.

  • Their skills include architecture, performance, software development, software defined networking, community procurement and last mile issues.

REANNZ develops tools to help members get the most from their REANNZ connection:

  • Connecting members with the cloud service of their choice using their existing REANNZ connection.

  • Network performance.

  • Science DMZ (provides an on ramp to the specialist R&E motorway).

  • REANNZ also holds regular technical webinars to help build relationships and provide value to members. The current webinar series includes presentations on network performance metrics (TSX), and automating automating apps and IT infrastructure (Ansible).

Products and Services
REANNZ develops and supports a range of products and services to support the specialist needs of our members.

Case Studies
Find examples of how REANNZ members use our network and services.

REANNZ members include universities, crown research institutes (CRIs), institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs), wānanga and the research, education and innovation community.

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