Why join REANNZ?

Key benefits for REANNZ members

Key benefits for REANNZ members

  • REANNZ’s network overcomes the tyranny of distance  - it enables New Zealand scientists and researchers to take their place on the world stage and contribute to or lead, data-intensive global research projects to address pressing issues.

  • We're New Zealand's designated National Research and Education Network (NREN) - a not-for-profit Crown-owned company.

  • REANNZ members benefit from being part of a "club" (community) of 120 countries (other NRENs) who work together to provide a seamless, high-performing global research and education network and specialist services, on a not-for-profit basis, to support researchers globally.

  • REANNZ's high-performance network is architected to need the unique needs of data-intensive research - it delivers massive transfers at high speed, with low latency (minimal delays) and no packet loss (no data loss). 

  • It’s like a private airport for R&E traffic with single baggage check-in for international traffic, priority take-off and landings, unobtrusive but tight security and other in-flight services/ benefits.

  • We’re independent - we provide technical advice and develop solutions to meet members’ needs;  we aren’t locked into or limited to a specific vendor or product range.

  • Members have direct access to REANNZ’s specialist network engineers for advice, solutions and support. They also help resolve issues that may arise while transferring data through other NRENs.

  • It’s a prerequisite to collaborate and to receive funding - top international research institutes often only collaborate with organisations of a similar standard and expect access to a specialist R&E network. NZ researchers need access to an advanced network to be eligible for MBIE data science funding.

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Our members span New Zealand's research, education and innovation sectors.

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