University of Auckland goes live with 100 Gbps

UoA’s dedicated data transfer node (DTN) transmits directly to the network and the worldwide network of DTNs, enabling seamless global data sharing.

The University of Auckland (UoA) increased its data transfer speeds tenfold by going live with an 100 gigabit per second (Gbps) connection to REANNZ, New Zealand’s high-performance research and education network, enabling its researchers to collaborate and contribute to solving local and global issues.

The University upgraded its bandwidth to REANNZ earlier this year (October 2019) from a 10 Gbps to a 100 Gbps link. The increased capacity has enabled the university to provide dedicated connections to multiple scientific instruments such as the Nectar (Australian National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources) federated research cloud.

The University has also worked on standing up a dedicated data transfer node (DTN) that can transmit up to 10 Gbps directly to the REANNZ network and onto a worldwide network of other DTNs, enabling seamless data sharing and collaboration with national and international partners for UoA researchers, as well as efficient means to transfer data between UoA's research data repositories and NeSI's (New Zealand eScience Infrastructure) HPC clusters.

Initial tests with the DTN and Nectar have shown 10 Gbps speeds with the intention to upgrade the Nectar cluster to 40/100 Gbps in the near future.

REANNZ is managing the 100 Gbps CPE (customer premise equipment) on behalf of the University. It is also providing the University with a managed Science DMZ, that creates a dedicated path to the network and is designed so the equipment, configuration, and security policies are optimised for high-performance scientific applications, so that UoA’s researchers can transfer large volumes of data, from multi-gigabyte to terabytes, all while retaining the data’s integrity.

University researchers are using the increased data transfer speed on a range of projects.

The University’s Center for eResearch is investigating using the network to enable real-time access to the Australian Synchrotron’s accelerator technology, which is one of Australia's most significant pieces of scientific infrastructure. The Synchrotron’s intense beams of light reveal the innermost, sub-macroscopic composition of materials, from human tissue to plants to metals and more. Access to the Synchrotron enables a range of research applications and supports the research needs of Australia’s and New Zealand’s major universities and research centres and businesses.

Working with REANNZ on the network-related aspects of the data transfer node (DTN) was great. They are very engaged, responsive, and keen to get the best result for the benefit of research. Being connected with 100Gbps will allow us to scale up the data transfer service in the future.

Martin Feller, eResearch Platform & Service Lead

The 100 Gbps connection to REANNZ has been a game changer for the University of Auckland, enabling them to easily access and share big data to contribute to and lead research to solve national and global issues.

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