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Research and education transcends both institutions and geographic borders.


When research and education networks work together we become stronger than the sum of our parts.

At REANNZ we work with National Research and Education Networks all over the world, from AARNet in Australia to GÉANT in Europe and Internet2 in the US. The one thing we all have in common is that we build out networks to manage the most demanding, data intensive work. That means people all over the world can work together to build our future.

REANNZ is part of the Global R&E Network CEO Forum, a group of executive leaders from a range of leading national and regional research and education networks from around the world. The goal of the CEO forum is to stimulate and accelerate global implementation and adoption of new network solutions and services to create additional value for the global research and education community. 

"Global research and education networks are melting borders and boundaries to enable research, collaboration and innovation, anytime."

Jim Ghadbane, Chief Executive, CANARIE, Canada’s research and education network

The CEO Forum consists of the Chief Executive Officers of AARNet (Australia), CANARIE (Canada), CERNET (China), CUDI (Mexico), DANTE (Europe), DFN (Germany), Internet2 (USA), Janet (UK), NORDUnet (European Nordics), REANNZ (New Zealand), RedCLARA (Latin America), RENATER (France), RNP (Brazil), SANReN (South Africa), SINET (Japan), SURFnet (The Netherlands) and the UbuntuNet Alliance (Southern and Eastern Africa). They meet twice a year in person and regularly by video conference.

Being part of the CEO Forum is just one way in which REANNZ connects with its international peers. Another is by contributing to the In The Field blog which posts stories from around the world showcasing the work enabled by research and education networks. 

Research and education network infrastructure stretches across the globe, but these networks are much more than fibre, routers and switches. They connect people, data and applications, they foster collaboration and cultivate interdisciplinary communities striving to make a difference to the world. 

"Research and education networking will increasingly enable and accelerate science, education and innovation… moving us forward towards a future of unconstrained knowledge transfer and collaboration."

Leon Staphorst, Competency Area Manager, SANReN, South Africa’s research and education network


"We recognise the importance of development, interconnection and utilisation of national research and education networks as providing an open infrastructure for education, research and development purposes that also serve to enhance connectivity around the world."

Joint Declaration from the G7 ICT Minister’s meeting, bringing together ICT Minister representing the G7 countries of USA, UK, Japan, France, Italy, Canada and Germany, plus the European Union

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