Yeshaswini Ramesh

Head of Network Operations

Yesh Ramesh

Yesh manages Network Operations at REANNZ, overseeing the day-to-day operations and project deliveries for REANNZ members. She brings her extensive experience as a Senior Network Engineer both at REANNZ and earlier on her career.

Yesh moved to New Zealand in 2013 from India and worked for the IBM NZ team supporting the Vodafone IP Network. In India, she worked as senior engineer at Juniper Networks, a Business Analyst at Capgemini and had various engineering roles at Alcatel-Lucent where she started her career.

Since joining REANNZ in 2015, Yesh has worked as a part of the network operations team that implement solutions and support projects for REANNZ members. Yesh builds and maintains relationships with members of the network, vendor’s technical teams and other NRENs.

Yesh enjoys reading, taking long walks and spending time with family.

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