REANNZ, the Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand, is New Zealand’s designated National Research and Education Network (NREN).

REANNZ operates and supports a specialist high-performance digital network that is engineered to meet the unique performance demands of scientists, researchers, innovators and educators.

The network is used by researchers to access, move and share data-intensive research around the country and across the world. Members of REANNZ are able to connect and collaborate with each other and their international research partners.

We are a not-for-profit Crown-owned company under Schedule 4A of the Public Finance Act 1989. Our Shareholding Ministers are the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Research, Science and Innovation. We are governed by our Board of Directors who are appointed by the Minister of Research, Science and Innovation. REANNZ is funded through MBIE’s Strategic Science Investment Fund (SSIF) and by our member organisations.
Our small team supports member organisations from New Zealand’s Universities, Crown Research Institutes, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics, Wānanga and the wider education, research, science and innovation sector. Who uses REANNZ?

Who are we?

We are New Zealand’s National Research and Education Network (NREN). 

As an NREN, REANNZ supports research, productivity and collaboration through data movement at a scale not commonly found outside of the research and education sector. We work together on a not-for-profit basis for the benefit of our users and stakeholders to support global research.

REANNZ acts as a fundamental part of the science, research and innovations system in New Zealand, connecting people, knowledge and capability to support developing ideas and contribute back to the sector. What is an NREN?

What do we do?

REANNZ engineers and the engagement team work closely with our member’s technology teams and researchers to support their use of the network.

REANNZ engineers develop solutions that resolve technical issues, support a member’s network infrastructure needs and facilitate the uninterrupted transfer of research data. REANNZ offers a range of services and products specifically designed to meet the needs of end users operating in these specialist environments.

Our purpose

Managing the advanced network, tools and services that support New Zealand research

REANNZ provides the pathways and connections to global research partners and institutions that work with New Zealand’s scientists, researchers and academic institutions.
Globally, research is becoming increasingly data-intensive. Research conducted in New Zealand is world class, with continued innovation in areas like climate change, healthcare and agriculture. Access to the REANNZ network, team and services enables the generators of ideas and research projects to collaborate and contribute to world-leading research for the benefit of New Zealand and the world.

Moving research data at speed and scale

The underlying network infrastructure is anchored in connections, be that at a people level or an infrastructure level. Today’s research is becoming increasingly distributed and data-intensive and the scale of global collaboration is increasing, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. New Zealand’s isolation should not limit its ability to participate in collaboration and contribute to world class research. In fact, it drives the need for continued, reliable connectivity so that the work of New Zealand’s researchers is accessible to the world.

Mobilising knowledge and global collaboration

We are an active member of the international community made up of over 120 National Research and Education Networks (NRENs). REANNZ and these national networks have agreed protocols and settings that enable them to provide seamless data transfers and opportunities for collaboration.

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What is an NREN?

Global research and education community
The global research and education community connect and collaborate through national research and education networks (NRENs).

Who uses REANNZ?

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